dentsu aegis network


The Bigger Picture

Changing attitudes towards our planet

No business or individual has been left untouched by climate change. Growing resource scarcity, unpredictable weather occurrences and the need to prevent further climate change have an impact on all of us. We recognise that as our organization spans the globe we have a responsibility to take action on our own carbon footprint in every country we operate.

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Building a more cohesive society

There is a growing gap between those who have and those that do not. The tension and unrest that result from this gap have a profound impact on social and economic stability. Because we rely on a healthy consumer economy we feel the impact of this instability immediately. Therefore we need to address some of the most pressing community challenges where they operate. We can do this through working with local charities to help them get their message across effectively.


The impact of media convergence

Advertisers are under more scrutiny as a result of media convergence, which has resulted in the growth of data-driven marketing, product placement, audience targeting, sponsored content and content-driven marketing. In addition, our clients are asking for more transparency on CSR matters. We need to be open and transparent about these new advertising practices to maintain stakeholders’ trust.    


Encouraging sustainable lifestyles

The single largest impact of advertising is the influence on consumers’ attitudes and behaviour – what brands and products they like and buy. This means advertising and marketing plays a large role in the economic life of our planet – influencing demand on a daily basis. What values are inherent in advertising and does it encourage sustainable consumption? We need to encourage advertising to look at working “for good” – not only for clients but for consumers’ lifestyles.

The Business Case

CSR is not only a risk, it’s also an opportunity for Dentsu Aegis Network. We identify four main opportunities: